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Al Gore! Are you Kidding me!
By Scott Kline


March 07, 2007
Wednesday PM

Mr. Levy, I'm a little taken back that you would put all the blame on our current President for the war in Iraq and 9-11.

I would like to bring up a very significant trial of Oliver North. During the questioning period of the trial, one of the panel members asked Mr. North about a security system he had installed at his residence. The speaker asked if in fact that Mr. North did have a high tech system and Mr. North replied "yes". Then the speaker made mention of the cost of the system being around 30,000 + dollars. Then the speaker asked " Doesn't that seem a little expensive for a security system" and Mr. North replied "not really, not when you fear the most dangerous man in the world". The speaker then asked the obvious question, "Who is the most dangerous man in the world"? Mr North then gave this answer "Osama Bin Laden, He is the most dangerous terrorist in the world".

So you see Mr. Levy, we knew of this madman a long time ago, but we sat by and waited, we waited through several more presidents until "bamm" and 9-11 hit. In a way I think we were lucky to have a president that had decided "enough was enough and this crap ain't happening on American Soil anymore".

Bill Clinton and the rest of the Democrats, they had their chance and did nothing but disgraced us with Monica. So i just don't think it's right to blame George for all the current affairs.

AND IN CLOSING MR.LEVY, THAT PANEL MEMBER ASKING MR. NORTH THE QUESTIONS WAS NONE OTHER THAN "AL GORE" HIMSELF. So I doubt very seriously that Mr. Gore would win by a landslide cause he sure wouldn't get this veteran's vote.

Scott Kline
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 07, 2007 - Published March 07, 2007

About: "Resident going on 13 yrs, proud member of American Legion Post #3."


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