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Job Well Done, Dick Kauffman
By David Landis


March 06, 2007
Tuesday PM

For those Sitnews readers that didn't have the pleasure of meeting and/or corresponding with Dick, I'd like to tell you that he was an unfailingly gracious and conscientious person (I think everyone around here will tell you that). I know that Dick Kauffman had many other fine qualities as well, and it saddens me that we've lost such a fine person.

What should be obvious to everyone who reads Sitnews is that Dick left us with a powerful tool for communication and a beautiful legacy -- this website -- and for that, we should all be very thankful.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to you, Dick, for what you gave us. Job well done.

David Landis
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 06, 2007 - Published March 06, 2007

About: " Raising a third-generation local family... right here in Ketchikan."



Richard P. Kauffman, 74, founder of SitNews Passes - Richard Paul Kauffman, founder of SitNews, died at Ketchikan General Hospital at the age of 74, on Wednesday morning, February 28, 2007. - More...
Saturday - March 03, 2007



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