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RE: Some Just Don't Get It
By Robert McKinstry


March 31, 2006
Friday PM

In response to A.M. Johnson's letter "Some Just Don't Get It" from March 29, which details why the U.S./Iraq war is actually a religious war in disguise, I have the following comments:

1. The U.S. does not, and should not, defend the religious freedoms of other countries as a matter of our national securtiy.

2. If Islam is "awakening with new vigor" good for Islam.

3. The author of the opinion cites population growth in Islamic countries as an example of the strength of Islam. Population growth or non-growth is not tied to religion. Population growth is tied to economics and literacy among other things. I do not believe there is a conspiracy by Muslims to take over the world by over population.

4. By calling this a religious war the author is effectively calling all Muslims terrorists and saying that the U.S. knowingly engaged in Jihad with Iraq.

Robert McKinstry
Bellevue, WA - USA

About: Robert McKinstry is a Construction Engineer in Seattle, WA.


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