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Some just don't get it.
By A.M. Johnson


March 29, 2006

Regarding the March 27 column by John Hall titled "Civil War or Goodbye", the topic that Mr. Hall wrote to unfortunately, will bring blank stares from intelligent persons because some just don't get it.

While Mr. Hall, the author of this column clearly defines the current status, he fails to connect the dots as to why the situation is as it is. What is most frustrating is the simple message of Islam adherence being avoided or ignored by the supposable Christian world leadership. The war in Iraq is not about Iraq or WMD, it is the about the ultimate goal of world domination by a religion. The simple message? You embrace Islam , if not, pay Jycia (Tax paid to the Islamic government to practice your religion), or die(Jhaid)

John Wayne would have understood it, George Bush does. Not many National politicians do to hear the current opposition denunciating the issue. In the public not many else do.[the blank stare]

Unfortunately it is politically suicide to declare that this is a religious war pure and simple. A war between Islam and Christianity. Love it or hate it, that is the true status. Iraq is but a symbol of this war.

All one has to do is view the current situation across Europe, the Balkans, Russia, most visible both in Iran and Palestine. The news is current however current is related to history of these land areas( 1272 AD - or earlier).

I have heard it mentioned that countries of Islam are 500 years behind capitalistic countries, (Europe, Americas, Japan as example), the Islamic religious beliefs have stymied science, arts, and music.All denounced by Allah. They obtained science by conquering non-Muslim lands.

There is no time warp regarding the ultimate goal of Islam, time is not a factor, only the place in time. Christianity is waning, Islam is awaking with new vigor. Proof of this is the decline of population in the "Free" World. In the Muslim world the population is expanding at a horrendous rate. You do the math.

Material wealth is not a factor, ignorance other than what the Q'ur'an teaches, is a factor. Total domination of all land mass and population to Islam is the ultimate goal.

As an example, the current AP news today about the pending release of Abdullah Raman, an Afghan fellow who converted to Christianity and is on trial for his life because of that transformation lacks any connection to the huge conflict between Islam and Christianity. Mr. Raman, like the cartoon artist of recent news, is a marked man. The tenets of Islam demand that Mr. Rahman be disposed for his heretical action. This transcends any and all current political desires of Democracy. It is a fundamental religion penalty. This incident serves as a minute example of the ultimate goal. And did you note the public outcry to kill all Americans? This from a tolerant religion?

The obvious is that any public admittance or connection made by President Bush or any political leader in today's intolerance of religion (Christian) will result in public outcry of Church and State. ("What !!" you mean this is a religious war???) What a tragic stage of events. We will ignore and deny the larger danger of a religious war and WMD in the hands of religious fanatics to embrace the concept of attempting "Consensus and Collaboration" with these same Islamic fundamentalist in the name here in America, of separation of Church and State.[Christian war]

There are any number of current authors that are attempting to raise the public awareness to the situation. You can yawn if you wish, however if you are a female, you'd better be covered with your burqa (head cover). If you are raped, better have four male witnesses. Your husband can divorce you by a verbal command so stating. Just a few options.

In closing I quote Gen. Madison from the book "Trigger" by Arthur C. Clark.
Quote: "If you beat all the swords into plowshares today, you're going to be fighting with plowshares tomorrow--you might as well keep the swords especially if you're already good with them."

A.M. Johnson
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: A. M. Johnson is a life long resident of Ketchikan. He writes he is "Currently reading the Political Incorrect Guide to Islam- Robert Spencer."


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Monday - March 27, 2006



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