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RE: Tom Proebsting/Katrina
By Neil Gray


March 31, 2006
Friday PM

The apparent insurance fiasco and FEMA problem with Katrina victims is similar to what happened in October 2003 with the Cedar Fires here in San Diego County.

What happened here is the insurance companies were also refusing to pay (or pay very little) for the homes lost in the wild fires, because the home owners were under insured. A lesson was learned. I'm sure the same thing is happening with the Katrina home owners.

Homeowners, update your insurance policies annually and keep a close check on the situation. The insurance companies won't do it. YOU have to. Homeowners have to be accountable for their policies to keep the insurance companies in line.

We lost our home and everything in it except for the clothes on our back in those fires. But, we followed FEMA directions and procedures explicity and had no problem with help from them. Due to that detailed accounting, FEMA's help enabled us to move on and get into our current home.

I expect what's happening is many of the Katrina victims are feeling sorry for themselves and/or are expecting a government handout. We found you have to meet the situation head on and be accountable.

To paraphrase Larry The Cable Guy, "Git 'er done."

Neil Gray
E-mail: ngray[AT]
Lakeside, CA - USA


P.S. To Carol Deaton: Try contacting Princess Cruises first to find out why there's such a big differenc.

About: Former Ketchikan resident.

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