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Katrina Victims Face Insurance Nightmare
By Tom Proebsting


March 29, 2006

Imagine losing your home and possessions. Then, imagine your insurance company refusing to lift a hand to help you. CNN recently aired a piece on Hurricane Katrina and the residents in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi entitled "Residents Face Insurance Nightmare."

Several months after America's worst natural disaster, many insurance companies are refusing to pay victims of the disaster, some of whom have faithfully paid their insurance premiums for years. They are masking their refusal to settle with semantic terms. For example, the insurance companies argue that the damage was caused by a storm surge, which apparently is not covered in many home casualty policies. The former homeowners argue that the storm surges were preceded by winds of up to 125 MPH which will destroy most anything in its path.

The likely reason the insurance companies refuse to settle is simple economics. They are not prepared for emergencies such as monstrous hurricanes. If they paid one claim, they may have to pay all claims. Then if they paid all claims it would likely clean them out. Some could face bankruptcy. No insurance company will voluntarily put themselves through this.

FEMA, the state governments, and the local municipalities have been less than completely helpful in helping Katrina victims. FEMA has sent money but there is little to show for it. FEMA's ineptitude may be compared to the rest of the federal government which has pumped billions into Iraq for infrastructure and rebuilding. Much has been spent, but little is shown for it. In both cases, it is highly likely that the billions are lining the pockets of corporations, who take the money and run.

Is there an answer? Yes. It will not be easy, but it lies in the help and goodness of the American people. Habitat for Humanity and other aid organizations are looking for volunteers who will travel to Louisiana and Mississippi and join in the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast. Many have given of their time and talents already. More people are needed and volunteers may contact their nearest Habitat for Humanity and ask how they can help.

Free America citizens can no longer completely rely on our government nor on our corporations. When the going gets tough, the average American will get going.

Tom Proebsting
Moberly, MO - USA

About: Tom Proebsting is a writer and a blogger.



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