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Drug usage ... or non usage
By Shirley McDonald


March 13, 2006

Amen !!! It's NO big surprise to me ... it's the downward spiral that scares me!! Children learn by visual aids ... they see someone using whatever ... thinking ... gosh he or she sure seems SILLY!! Well that sets a precedent ... NEVER MIND what it does to the user on a long term scale ... (heart issues, liver damage, etc etc etc ... the list goes on !!!) all they see is what seems funny or whatever at that time, and they think .. well ... gosh ... ok ... they seem cool and have it under control ... NEVER MIND they can become addicted after just one use. Some may also use to self-medicate whatever a crappy situation is going on around them. Not having the tools to work out whatever is going on in their own lives.

I WILL tell you this much from personal experience ... there is NOTHING worse than telling your child that his/her parent passed away at 40 years young because of bad judgment ..... making the choice to use rather than deal with what was really going on ... it's heart
breaking and I wish that is one thing I would NEVER have had to tell my child, but it happened.

So now he knows the consequences of drug usage and hopefully will make the choice that will allow him to watch his own children to grow up one day .... rather than being robbed of that privilege. Cause that is what we all want right ? To watch our children grow up - I know I do !!! ... it's a miraculous time!!! Full of frustration, triumphs, and love, and god willing .. GRANDCHILDREN !!!! LOL !!!

Enough of me spewing from my heart and personal experiences.

Thank you for allowing us to use this as a public forum ... hopefully we learn and appreciate each other just a little more !!!


Shirley McDonald
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Shirley McDonald writes she is a "local loving parent ... concerned about youth and community in general".


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