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Drug problem trickles down
By Ken Lewis


March 11, 2006
Saturday PM

The common theme continues to be Troubled Youth (OR) when we, as an Adult society talk drugs, it immediately turns to KIDS. Sue me if you like, but, if the 1936 debut of Reefer Madness marks 70 years of drug awareness education? How are we doing? Did we graduate yet? Deflective terms prevent solutions. In the 50's, it was those troubled Beat-Nicks, 60's, it was those Damn Hippies, 70's, corporate America was doing more Coke than all the High Schools across our land, and you bet we taught the world to sing.

The youth drug problem in America is nothing more than the Adult drug problem via trickle down drug-o-nomics. So to those who had a lot to say about some local athletes that may (big may) have disappointed some adults with big moralistic opinions? I say this, none of them knocked up Mary K Letourneau to my knowledge, but they all were under a random drug urinalysis policy. Therefore they live up to higher standards than the 10th grade teacher from Overland Colorado who was tape recorded in class ranting for 20 minutes, comparing Bush to Hitler, and associating the American flag to the Nazi Emblem. Drug test Michael Moore and Snoop Dawgs performance, it's enhanced for sure. Mold my society please.

An Oscar winner said the other night, "The Arts is a hammer molding society."

Charles Barkley said, "I am not a role model, parents are."

I will say, "Wake up America, we are drug testing the wrong Sub-Group of humans."

I will never be nice about this subject, because being nice and using deflective terms has not worked for America since Reefer Madness. Rickey (Running Back) Williams is the problem! Damn Jocks! Raphael Palmerio is the problem! Just ask the old guys on the performance enhancer Viagra, or Emenem when he raps out, I hate my Mom and let's burn down the Trailer Park. Yo-Yo role model, influence the young-uns.

Either get drug testing out of here completely, or test every motor vehicle operator doing 55 mph in a 4000 lb object. Oh wait, that won't allow us to finger point, and deflect anymore. Let's just test people who play sports. And the rest can talk a big drug free game. We certainly wouldn't want an athlete to influence the score of a game, without absolute clarity of mind.

If Pete Rose was a 1st grader today, he would be medicated for hyperactivity disorder, he would bore of T-Ball because keeping score hurts feelings and he would still end up being the problem, even though he did not hit the most 90 mile an hour fast balls than any other man alive or dead. I am late for sensitivity class, I am trying to change, and therefore, I am the victim. And America will never elect me to be drug prevention Czar, America likes its drugs too much. It AIN'T the Kids that are the problem.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Ken Lewis is a long time resident of Ketchikan.



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