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Don't bash teen parents
By Christina Lewis


March 13, 2006

Regarding Stephen Smeltzer comment, I consider you very rude. I had my WONDERFULL daughter at the age of the 16. I am a single parent. I have not been on any type of assistance, nor did I have all the support of my parents. Yes I agree some teens are on assistance and do not graduate, But let's not bash teen parents. I have graduated from Ketchikan High School with my class. I worked 2 jobs and went to school. So you were just talking about all the negative aspects of being a teenage parent. If I didn't have my daughter I would not be having this good in life.

We should try and help the teenage parents instead of making them feel bad. We should encouage them to stay in school. Take all the bad things people say about being a teen parent and turn it into something good. So I encourage everyone who has a problem with teenage pregnancy to email me! :)

Christina Lewis
E-mail: Christina_kiara(at)
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Christina Lewis is a resident of Ketchikan. She is a single parent and a teen parent.


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