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Re: Troubled Youth
By Stephen Smeltzer


March 09, 2006
Thursday PM

Rhonda Ball's letter says it all. I grew up in the 50's and 60's in Ketchikan. My generation learned the hard way that better living through chemistry doesn't work. The music kids listen to today is CRAP!

Television has more sexual innuendo than ever before. The way the Gummint controls the way you can raise your children, is one of the many reasons I never had kids. Those of you that have kids, kudos to you for having the guts. Too much sex in the media, ergo, too many illegitimate children.

One thing the Gummint does not have a problem with is having children. (Don't get me started on the abortion and contraceptive issue) Some teens (and younger) seem to think they need to get knocked up. After all social services of some sort will pay for it. Get real kiddies, we all pay for it! No where in the book of life does it say, that in order to be fulfilled as a human being, you have to have offspring. Just because your momma wants grandchildren doesn't mean go out and have a slew of kids.

Thanks Rhonda for your gutsy letter.

Steve Smeltzer
Juneau, AK - USA

About: Steve Smeltzer lived off and on for 50 years in Ketchikan. Now residing in Juneau.

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