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Super vs simple majority debate
by Ted Wright


March 28, 2005

You can debate the history of the super versus the simple majority all you want, and ascribe the effects of the rule changes to whatever political reality you like; but you should admit that the current "last stand" on judicial appointments has come about because the Democrats refuse to allow a vote on specific appointees who are just too far to the extreme right. Sure, the Republicans probably have the votes to do what they want, but, as many Democrats have suggested, there will be hell to pay the rest of the session if they do.

This time the neoconservatives have gotten too greedy, and eventually it will come back to bite them. Such is politics in America. The tide will turn as it always does, and the moderate majority of American voters will have the last word. In the mean time, watch your backside.

Ted Wright
Seattle, WA - USA

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