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Thoughts on pulling the plug...
by Rob Glenn


March 28, 2005

Shauna, I fully agree with you. Here are my issues on this topic....

First off, we don't really know what is going on inside that hospice room. All we know is what we are told. We are not even getting recent video. Everything they show is from 2 years ago or more. I am sure that these judges are not just making a decision because they want her to die. That is not the case, I mean there must be some damn good reason that the US court systems have decided to take her off the tube, and refused to put her back on it.

Second, what the Congress has done is horrible. They are everyday getting more and more involved in our lives in ways they should not. What they did by getting involved with this case is set a precedent. They now can get involved in family situations. Do you think they would have been involved if it was a person in Ketchikan? Would they have cared? Well now I think they have too, they got involved with this one case...I would expect them to give me as much wasted time and money as her, but in reality we know that is not going to happen. And now they have taken away the right for a family member to make the tough decision because another member may object. Everyone who wants to be let go must now before it happens have it written out. From the day you are able to write, you must make your wishes known. A child is severely injured, will a parent be able to choose any longer? Who at a young age thinks about this happening to them?

Finally, who would want to live knowing they are a burden on their family. Look how elderly her parents are. Basically for the rest of their lives they would have to look after her, change her diapers, make sure she is being fed, pay for nurses, doctors and so on. Is this something she really wanted? Is this something we would wish on anyone? It is tragic what happened to her, and even more tragic what is going on with the politics and religion. She will go out with a legacy, but what her family has done to her is absolutely disgusting.
And people say the husband is a bad guy cause he has moved on... well people, it has been 15 years, you have to go on with life because one day it will end; hopefully not as tragic as hers.

Rob Glenn
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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