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Say goodbye & pull the plug...
by Shauna Lee


March 27, 2005

Had Mrs. Schiavo gone to the expense of creating a living will when she got married, I doubt that she would have checked "YES" to; Should you linger in a vegetative state for years, with no quality of life and no apparent chance of recovery, would you like to be kept alive with feeding tubes while your family tears each other apart in the courts fighting over you?

I think there are few things more cruel than to keep a person alive with machines, just to satisfy one's own selfish desire to visit them each day. Do you really believe that Mrs. Schiavo would WANT to continue living the way she is? Lay in your bed not moving for 24 hours with tubes stuck in every orifice of your body, and then tell me how long you would like to remain there. Another day? Another week? Try a year... or 10! If Terry is aware of her surroundings (and I pray that she is not!) I'm almost certain that the frustrations of her situation would have sent her to the brink of insanity long ago.

And just for the record, for all those reading, if I am ever left in a vegetative state with no chance of a FULL recovery.... say goodbye and pull the plug.

Shauna Lee
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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