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by Charlotte Glover


March 24, 2005

Dear Editor,

As someone who still has no idea what PIPS is, I was astonished at the angry outburst from Mr. Hanger to what sounded like an innocent question from Mr. Ryan. How about a lot less name calling and finger pointing on Sitnews, and a lot more information sharing? I tried the website Mr. Hanger mentioned and it was a dead link. Also, I think this endless "I'm a resident here and you are not" nonsense has to stop. There are many people around the world with interest in Ketchikan: previous residents, relatives, business owners, friends, etc. and it is not our business to decide if they are sufficiently part of our community to participate in a conversation.

The Internet, by it's very nature, invites the global community and everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. My father, in New Mexico, for instance, is a lot better informed on Ketchikan history and current events than many local people I talk to and he reads Sitnews daily (Hi Dad!).....and my husband has many relatives who were born and raised here living down you just never know the background of the person voicing an opinion.

It's hard enough to reason through an idea and share your thoughts without being attacked for doing so. I think the increasingly angry and combative tone of the letters exchanged on Sitnews discourages cooler heads from participating.

Yours for better communication,

Charlotte Glover
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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