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PIPS: Better off burning your money
by David Hanger


March 23, 2005

In response to Mr. C.L. Ryan's query I will note in the first instance that diversionary tactics only work if the opponent willingly accepts the diversion.  Mr. Ryan asks for 'substance' and 'sources' respective my fraud alert on PIPS. 

The question of 'substance' is in fact fundamentally germane to the issue of what PIPS really is for the essential reason that there is very little 'substance' to PIPS.  Or another way of putting it is the 'substance' of PIPS is that it is a con.

But, of course, Mr. C.L. Ryan like a good pod person wants to point and shriek.  So as for substance, Mr. Ryan, let's start with the standard issue Mark 1 eyeball connected to a well-educated brain, qualified to render judgments on the subject at hand.  I don't need someone to tell me it's a duck when I see a duck, nor do I need someone to teach me how to use toilet paper.

As for sources, let's start with ',' apparently one of your favorite websites. 

You are not a local, Mr. C.L. Ryan, so you don't really know who I am.  Frankly, what you do in Maryland is not my concern, but so the audience can understand succinctly my retort to you, I am eminently qualified to evaluate this primary source material.  I have two Master's degrees plus numerous accreditations and credentials.  I have been practicing for 30 years, and I am highly qualified in my field.  I am also a recognized forensic accountant.  I am an expert in tax, finance, and statistics.  I actually do know how to do a little more than just count, Mr. Ryan. 

Indeed, I can also read.  So please tell our audience, Mr. C.L Ryan, how for an investment of $1500 over 5 years I will receive at the end of that time a lump-sum cash distribution of more than $87,000 and will also receive more than $9000 a month for the rest of my life?

Mr. Ryan, if you were moving guns in and heroin out and thereby profiting in both directions, you could not make money that fast.  And that's a basic guarantee that PIPS wants you to believe.  That's a misrepresentation and, hence, a fraud on its surface.

So let's look a little further.  They don't invest in stocks or bonds or securities, no, no, no.  They have "qualified professionals" who invest (spend) the money.  Who qualifies them?  This bunch of bandidos is hiding out in Malaysia, no SEC or other regulatory agencies to be concerned about.  No mail, just credit cards and wire transfers.  Mail fraud is a Federal crime promptly investigated.  Wire fraud takes longer because it usually involves other private sector businesses.  These are not just ordinary red flags, Mr. Ryan.

That is just a beginner's list, Mr. C.L. Ryan.  You don't have to be more than ordinarily intelligent to understand that should be enough, Mr. Ryan. 

What you are trying to do is to challenge this fraud alert by trying to burn the messenger.  That effort at diversion, Mr. Ryan, fails fundamentally because the case you are trying to justify cannot be justified.  FRAUD IS FRAUD.  As I duly noted, Mr. Ryan, "a fool and his money are soon parted."  I am sorry to learn you have chosen the part of the fool. 

There actually is a lot more material, Mr. Ryan, but it is not my job or my concern what you do with your time and your money.  You are better off burning your money than sending it to PIPS; at least it'll keep you warm for a while.  These guys pay off the first investors with money from later investors, and it looks good for a while to the gullible.  They salted "gold" mines in the Wild West, too. 

What I am concerned about, Mr. Ryan, are my neighbors in Ketchikan, some of whom have been sucked into this insipid silliness.  And no, you will not be permitted to interfere with the efforts under way to notify the public about this scam.  Law enforcement is already involved, Mr. Ryan, and that effort, I am confident, will only increase.  Rather than interfere with us up here, Mr. Ryan, if you have in fact been ripped off, go to your local authorities.  So do understand, Mr. C.L. Ryan, this retort is not for you; it's for my neighbors.

To whom I address this simple remark:  For a good laugh pop it up on the internet. Anyone who believes this crap, please stop by.  I have a great deal for you.

As for you, Mr. Ryan, would you like to buy a used car?  In five years it's going to turn into a Ferrari.

David Hanger
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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