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Aerial spraying
by Jean Bland


March 21, 2005

Mr. Richard Watson, first of all, Klukwan is not going to spray their poison to control disease or infestation, they are trying to spray so that the green trees will grow faster so that they can cut them down and have money coming into their Corporation. They have used their Corporation foolishly and now have to try to grow the trees fast for the MONEY. If you know anything about trees,you would know that the alders provide the nutrients for the green trees to grow.

True it is DEC's right to issue permits for spraying but would you allow them to spray poison from a HELICOPTER near your home? And the amount of Round up that is sold in Wal-mart is no where NEAR what they are going to spray.

I didn't see you at the meeting when we met with DEC and Klukwan, EPA and FDA folks. We were TOLD THE FACTS and that is why we are opposing. Allow them to spray around your home before they do ours.

Have you or any of your family had CANCER? I have so I know what it is all about. I know what this poison will do to us.

Jean Bland
Hydaburg, AK - USA

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