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Aerial Spraying? You're barking up the wrong tree!
by Richard R. Watson


March 18, 2005

After reading many comments about the Long Island Aerial spraying issue I came up with the following conclusion... I am both for and against it. I am for such aerial spraying of herbicides and pesticides to help control damage, infestation and disease as an emergency measure but I oppose it if used purely for monetary gain.

Here are some facts at hand.

First of all, Klukwan, under our current laws has every right to request a permit to apply approved herbicides by Aerial spraying. The D.E.C. also has an obligation to honor that law and issue a permit, and only if the permit does not comply with the law can they deny it. Therefore those of you who oppose Aerial spraying of herbicides and pesticides should be focusing your efforts at the State level if you wish to change the law.

By the way, if you are opposed to herbicides (Accord) with the active ingredient glyphosate or (Arsenal) with the active ingredient imazapyr, your next stop should be Wal-Mart (And many other local and national retailers) and tell them to take all the Round-Up (Same active ingredient) off their shelf s for the very same reasons you oppose the Klukwan permit.

Secondly, I suggest you read all the facts before you state your opinion. Not just the ones you read here or on the SEACC site. The D.E.C. site has quite a bit of information including comments and responses about this issue. There are also links to the EPA, FDA, State Law and other approvals of this permit and the use of glyphosate and imazapyr.

Richard R. Watson
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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