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Barking up the wrong tree..
by Donna Hamilton Baptista


March 20, 2005

In Response to Barking up the Wrong Tree - Thank you Richard for your information. I have read the permit description: "It is understood that some doses of glyphosate and imazapyr will cause adverse effects on internal organs and physiological systems in humans, animals, and aquatic species. When reviewing these studies in support of a permit decision, the dose-response relationships between specific biological effects and real-world exposure scenarios were examined. Based on the predicted, anticipated exposure during and after the application the Department finds that there will no unreasonable adverse effects posed as a result of the herbicide application"

No one can guarantee that there won't be an overflow of the applications. Why even allow for that situation to possibily occur? Why add anymore chemicals to the earth and water? We (mankind) have done enough damage already.

Donna Hamilton Baptista
Lynnwood, WA - USA

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