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Sea Lion Stories & Brick in the Wall
by Bill Ayers


March 18, 2005

Sea Lion Stories: I too have heard of sea lions hauling fishermen away from their boats while trying to clear fouled propellers. This was in Valdez & Cordova during the '89 oil spill. I remember thinking that the stories were so similar that there had to be a reason, perhaps Mr. Fruehan is right about them trying to protect us from the damaging propellers.

Brick in the Wall: Does anyone remember the old Billikan Bowl? It was a vacant grey building in a grey town for a long time, then it turned into the U of A Southeast Robertson Building and got a great mural paint-job during the '80s.

How about we put a great S.E. Alaska mural on the new 3rd Ave. bypass wall? I see it every day from Tongass and it just reminds of that song "another brick in the wall", but it could look so cool & give our visitors such a taste of what we are if it had a mural as great as the one on the ol' Billikan Bowl!

Bill Ayers
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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