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Sea Lion Instincts
by Robert Fruehan


March 14, 2005

As a person who makes his money by working in the fishing industry I have had an opinion of this animal that was short of favorable. I have a story to tell that has changed my opinion of them.

One of my friends was doing some diving the other day to fix the propeller on a fishing boat. He was down there about 20 minutes when suddenly a Sea Lion was swimming around him and then grabbed him by the fins on his feet and drug him about 20 feet away from the boat. My friend would swim back to the propeller only to have the Sea Lion drag him back again. This went on about 5 times before my friend had to give it up till the Sea Lion went away. What I find remarkable is the fact that this animal "cared" what happened to this human who was swimming in the water with him. This Sea Lion had scars on his head from obvious propeller damage in the past and wanted to protect my friend from the same fate. In short I gained some respect for this animal as a result.

Funny story though and thought I would share it.

Robert Fruehan
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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