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Show Us Aerial Spraying of Long Island Is Safe!
by Frances Natkong


March 14, 2005

I totally agree with Robert Sanderson, Donna Hamilton Baptista, and everyone else who opposes the aerial spraying of Long Island. I live in Hydaburg, Alaska which is a short way from Long Island and there are clam beds, old fishing grounds, hunting grounds that our ancestors utilized not to mention the Old Village site of Howkan. Klukwan, Inc. says that the spraying won't harm the wild life, the beaches, etc.

I would like to see the entire Klukwan Board of Directors and anyone else who is for the spraying, set up camp on Long Island while it is being sprayed since it "won't harm animals, plants or humans!" Show us that you can live with it. You are way up north and we have to live here near where it is being sprayed. Show us that you would eat the subsistence foods we gather near Long Island after you spray. Show us that you will eat the fish from that area after you spray. You can't tell me that the poison will not spread as the wind is always blowing and there are nearby streams, clam/cockle beds, not to mention gum boots, etc. that we gather.

Show us that you will live there, that you will eat the food gathered there after you spray and poison our subsistence grounds and maybe just maybe I'll believe that the aerial spraying won't harm the forests, animals, humans, our subsistence foods. Show us!!!! Spray around your areas, home sites, your subsistence foods, and family before you come down here and spray near us. SHOW US!

Frances Natkong
Hydaburg, AK - USA

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