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Opposed To Aerial Spraying of Pesticide
by Donna Hamilton Baptista


March 14, 2005

I support Mr. Robert Sanderson, Jr. in regards to the pesticide spraying.

First of all, if the land had not been stripped of the trees, the spraying would not even be an issue. The pesticide spraying is like an oil slick on the land instead of in the water. Remembering what an oil slick does to everything in the water would be the same with the pesticide spraying to the land. NOT SAFE or HEALTHY for any living creature or plant.

By the issuing of a permit to allow pesticide spraying on Long Island this cause a ripple effect with the pesticide spreading to who knows where and more permits being issued. Are we going to see a new type of "DDT"? And then be sorry... This affects not just Alaska.

Donna Hamilton Baptista
Lynnwood, WA - USA

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