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Berths Need To Accomodate New, Larger Ships
by Thomas Ferry


March 08, 2005

Mr. Thompson, thank you for your response. I hope we get more questions like yours.

I think I would ask more bang for the buck for whom? Is there more bang for the buck for Trident Seafoods ? I say No. Is there more bang for the buck for Alaska General Seafoods? I say No. Is there more bang for the buck for the downtown business core? I say No. The only people that will benefit are the property owners south of Creek Street.

You say five ships total are better. But for how long? In the near future the smaller sub-panamax ships will be replaced with the larger 900 ft and up panamax class ships, "then what?" There will only be two berths in the downtown core large enough to accommodate these huge ships. The downtown business owners' association better wake up and ask some hard questions or they're going to be hurting. You've got to have a long range strategy and the F option looks out for downtown established merchants and has a long range goal.

If the C option goes through the downtown core will suffer. These smaller outdated ships are on the way out. They will go to smaller markets as the newest and mightiest ships head to Alaska. There will be no room on the main dock for three panamax ships with the C option. Do I sound like a broken record yet?

As to the bonding, I believe I am right. I have been told many times that it will go up to a vote for the people to decide - unless that is some sort of ruse. I also have heard that the income from the present three downtown berths will be directed to help pay for the new grand master plan. The bond will not pay for the whole plan which is fine.

I believe that I am right in my views.

Thank You,

Thomas Ferry



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