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Two words... Speed bumps!
by Ken Lewis


March 07, 2005

"A traffic light installed at the bottom of Deermount which will slow and impede traffic trying to get around the downtown traffic snarl by taking the bypass." That sentence was in Mr. Ferry's post.

It brings up a concern of mine for years, unrelated to any industry in town. If people are going to use Deermount to hurry around town going north or south, as that sentence implies, little kids will still be chasing foul balls and darting into the streets near the Norman Walker ball parks. This is gong to be a bad combination if people are pushing their 4000 pound rigs in short-cut mentality while using their cell phone and four 7 year old kids are using pack mentality to attain that prized ball.

Two words... Speed bumps!

The sound of screeching brakes in that area during ball season will turn your stomach.

Side note on local baseball! Did you know some moron stole the hitting cage net ($3000 value) from the large field side of Norman Walker? Why someone wants our kids to be lesser hitters escapes me! If anyone has any info on this pathetic act, please let me know. I will pass this information on to the teenagers that need it, or to the police.


Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, Alaska

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