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Berth Options
by Glen Thompson


March 08, 2005

Mr Ferry, I did not intend my previous posting to be an endorsement of a south-end option; I meant merely to point out a potential argument proponents of that option may employ. In fact, IMHO some sort of joint venture between the private sector (SE Stevedoring) and the City would be the way to go. Let SE Steve pay for the dock itself, have the City do the uplands development and increase the size of the existing docks, and create a priority agreement between them that the original docks (that we are still paying off) are the first filled.

As to the second point, I stand by what I stated. Perhaps someone at the city could clear this up but my understanding is that the passenger fee, $4 per head is going into the port fund and is earmarked (or restricted) to the port development, i.e. a new dock. The bonds that would be issued are going to be paid for with this fund and since the revenue stream is already in place, no vote is required.

Glen Thompson
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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