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Re: It's that time again....
by Neil Gray


March 29, 2004

I had to read Dr. Peter York's "It's that time again.." comments several times. Then, I waited 10 or 15 minutes to calm myself down so I wouldn't respond in a flagrant manner. I have absolutely no idea who Dr. York is nor how long he has lived in Ketchikan. Two quick observations came to mind: 1) He did not live in Ketchikan in the days of affluent fishing and timber industry times, watching the changes take place, and 2)If you don't appreciate Ketchikan, why do you continue to live there? You obvious make a good enough living off those who do so you CAN remain there.

While I do not live in Ketchikan now, I still have many friends there, and I have a deep attachment to the town. I like it well enough to have moved there three different times.

I don't believe Dr. York has any concept of what Ketchikan is about. It's about survival. A town trying to replace the disappearance of what I mentioned earlier about timber and fishing. No matter where you go when tourism is involved, you're going to have the outsiders with their "gewgaws" move in to take advantage of what's available. By the same token, you have the stores with a long history of quality and long standing community ties. I'd name some but I'd offend some by leaving them off my list. Good friends of mine have gone out of business because of those economic changes.

Dr. York's epistle was very scathing towards Ketchikan. So, rather than rip the town apart, why not figure out some way to get involved to help make things better?

Kevin, you got it right. Most people, in cases where they feel "sadness, or disgust" will try to help out. The ferry does indeed sail South, just as it sailed North. This isn't a "love it or leave it" response, but it could be taken that way I guess. I'm just standing up for a community I love and the people I respect. And again, every town has government issues. So, concentrate on that with your solutions and try to help out. Run for City Council. Or..... maybe you don't care.

Neil Gray
Lakeside, CA - USA


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