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If non-smokers get their way...
by Kody Ansharr


March 14, 2004

If I recall correctly, the salmon landing HAD a smokeless bar that FAILED. Go in any pub,take a look around, in my experience most people who frequent bars SMOKE.Empiricle non-scientific evidence to be sure, but any semi-observant person would realize this.

If the non-smokers get their way they'd be ruining the bar experience for the vast majority of bar patrons.The last thing we need is more government intrusiveness.

And regarding Sandra McCloud's following:

"I'm tired of not going out and doing things I enjoy like dancing or playing darts because my eyes are burning, my throat gets raspy, I get a headache, and my fun is spoiled so I go home early. I get home, peel off my foul smelling clothes and put them in the washing machine, take a couple of Tylenol, and finish up with a shower. The next morning my chest hurts and I feel like I have a horrible hangover when in fact I have consumed no alcohol the night before. It's all from cigarettes!"

Stay home and read a good book Sandra.

Kody Ansharr
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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