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Re: "Talking about Littering"
by Pete Ellis


March 11, 2004

In her Viewpoint commentary "Talking about Littering" by Mary Lynne Dahl on March 08, 2004, Monday last, the comment is made that:

"Although I am delighted to see his opinion, I don't agree entirely with Pete Ellis that we are lacking in enforcement, as I believe Officer Cegelske is doing a fine job, without much help, and I thank him for it."

What the foregoing clearly illustrates is that there is an enforcement problem in terms of Cegelske being given the full responsibility and apparently the obligation to clean up the entire Gateway Borough litter problem. The problem is far greater than one person can handle and the problem is really minimal to non-existent enforcement.

Perhaps Mary or someone else could be enticed into doing some further research as to the extent of littering violations issued during 2003 and by whom. Likewise appropriate would be an analysis of convictions, fines imposed and judgment obligation completion.

Pete Ellis
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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