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Cleaning Up
by Gigi Pilcher


March 08, 2004

Inspired by the words and photos of Jerry A. Cegelske, I spurred into action to get rid of a junk car on my property. I went down to the borough office today to pick up an application for getting a car crushed. By the way, I got to meet Jerry while I was there. He is a nice man! I felt like I was meeting a rock star!

As far as trash goes, every Spring my family and I try to clean up along and under the Jackson Street stairs. There is always a ton of litter dropped off the side from people who use the stairs. There are some pretty gross things we have found over the years such as needles and syringes, full and half full bottles of liquor, lots of cigarette butts, pop cans, and broken bicycles that have been stolen and stripped.

In a month or so, we will be moving to our new home out on Wood Road. We will have a trash pick up party around our property and along the salmon spawning creek there. All that I can do is try to clean up the small part of my world and hope that others will do the same.

Gigi Pilcher
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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