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Trash Gift
by Jerry A. Cegelske


March 05, 2004





I just returned from checking on a couch, love seat, exercise equipment and some miscellaneous trash left on Borough property off Revilla Road. Many "Thanks" go to Daniel Hart who informed me of the new gift to the Borough, its residents and tax payers.

Do you know who left it for you to pay to clean up the mess? Why was it left here when it could have been taken to the dump for free? They could at least have held on to it for the Ketchikan Cleanup Week April 17-24th and been responsible citizens.

Will it cost $500.00 of your tax dollars to clean up? $300.00, $200.00 sounds a little low for the Borough to send two men, a truck to haul it in and the time to drive from the warehouse to the couches and then to the dump and back to their work stations. What a waste of money.

HOWEVER, since the Mayor, the Borough Manager and the Assembly don't want you to pay any more for this than you have to it won't cost you a cent. As a matter of fact, you should be paid for putting up with this stupidity! How does $200.00 in the Borough coffers sound? Better than paying $300.00 of your tax dollars!

I will attempt to use some of those fancy forensic techniques I have seen on TV to find out who's couch and trash this is. Maybe if I watch enough of them I won't have to take any classes on evidence gathering. My wife thinks I have been wasting time watching the TV crime scene shows (actually I was taking notes and taping the good ones!) like the FBI and CSI (Crime Scene Investigators) programs. Monk is pretty good but I don't have his problems with the mud and rain, and besides I wear gloves for the messy problems.

If you see some fresh trash dumped along the road in your favorite Borough siteseeing or recreational area like Daniel Hart did, please give me a call so I can practice collecting evidence again. Let's take Ketchikan back from the Litterbugs and Trash Droppers and have them pay the bill!

Best Wishes for a trash free Ketchikan.

Jerry A. Cegelske
Code Enforcement Officer
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