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Re: Litter solution
by Ken Lewis


March 07, 2004

Karen I am not too busy to notice things, I may be too narrowly focused to notice things. The adage of, "if you want to get something done ask someone who is busy!", disqualifies me from being too busy. I have too many things undone to be that person. It was an Idea to a solution is all and it will be fleeting if not acted on. I will push the boys to earn their keep and to respect those that get behind them. As well as be tolerant of those who do not. Teens can be role models or they can emulate attitudes that warrant lack of support and trust from the older generation. Baseball is just one positive place that can be an alternative to a worse place. It does not save the world nor does some coach trying to tie it together. A whole bunch of coaches and a whole bunch of support provides the platform for some kids to do right. Others will not gain from it at all. There is more things right with our kids today than there is wrong. They just need to be taught to open a door for a little old lady even if Snoop-Doggy-Dog thinks it s un-cool. A $50 video game is cheaper than a baseball season that can keep kids off the street. My views are only my views and they are based on hands on experience with our baseball youth for 18 years. I may be wrong for having expectations of these kids. I put pressure on them. And they forgive me for being dumb sometimes. The day they do not forgive me is the day I fix my outboard motor.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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