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In the Dark
By A. M. Johnson


February 02, 2012
Thursday AM

Editor Sitnews,

Regarding Scott Cragan's understanding of the status of the Incandescent bulbs. Message to Scott: All production of incandescent bulbs have ceased. The industry advised Congress following the extension date, that it made no difference as the production of incandescent light bulbs has ceased.

As to Mr. Borders comments regarding who is at fault, I read that as "I don't mean to say it was your fault, I said I am blaming you."

At the rate things are going, candles and seal grease will be back in vogue.


Ketchikan, AK

About: "Somebody with a huge stash of 100 watt bulbs"

Received January31, 2012 - Published February 02, 2012

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