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Middle Class Bailout
By Jim Thompson


February 05, 2009
Thursday PM

While the letter was a bit long winded & more than a bit highfalutin for my taste I whole heartily agree with Mr. Hanger. If all the money that is being given to bailout the business that are so critical to our Nation's Economy was actually given to the American Citizens that actually spend money that keeps our Economy working, the BIG BUSINESSES WOULD NOT NEED A BAILOUT!!!!!!!!

Of course we totally miss the true problem when we fail to mention if Businesses who need our tax dollars were being run correctly they again WOULD NOT NEED A BAILOUT!!!!!!!! If a small Business Owner does not run their business correctly and can not make it in the current market then they go out of business and no one even notices.

So I agree whole heartily with Mr. Hanger. Send the money to the American Citizens and let them pay their house payments, buy cars and feed & cloth their families. Let the Businesses that fail, fail. And the Businesses that succeed, succeed. But unfortunately I don't see OUR REPRESENTATIVES every standing up to BIG BUSINESS and doing the right thing.

Jim Thompson
Ketchikan, AK

About: " Middle aged american male. Spent 6 years in the Navy & 15 years in the Army National Guard. Have been doing supply & assistant management for over 20 years."

Received February , 2009 - Published February 05, 2009


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