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"Bridge to Nowhere"
By Robert D. Warner


February 28, 2007
Wednesday AM

Dear Sitnews Editor

In a recent Sitnews letter by Pete Ellis, there is continued promotion of Ketchikan's now famous "Bridge to Nowhere." He associates (and perhaps confuses) this project with "developing transportation and communication corridors for the benefit of all of Alaska, including the local areas directly affected."

What are these wonderful benefits and who is going to pay for them? Who is going to benefit besides special interest groups that own property on Gravina? Why do we build more roads when we cannot properly maintain the ones we already have? Do our citizens really understand the tremendous cost of this scheme and how it will impact future taxes that we must pay? What are the secondary costs taxpayers will be expected to pay for this land rush into the muskeg?

Is it about time to end this shallow thinking that "the bridge" is "our road to the future?" Most taxpayers in this country demand that pork barrel spending like this must be stopped and then eliminated. Funds are urgently needed for worthy projects such as health care, law enforcement, and education.

Today Ketchikan citizens have a fine opportunity to improve their community's tarnished image by speaking out against wasteful endevors that confuse development with progress.


Robert D. Warner
Ketchikan, Ak 99901-5738

Received February 27, 2007 - Published February 28, 2006

About: "Retired UAS Faculty and 35 year Resident of Ketchikan"


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