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By Pete Ellis


February 25, 2007
Sunday AM

It is fortunate for Ketchikan and our area of Southern Southeast Alaska that Governor Palin understands the need for long range planning and effort in terms of developing transportation and communication corridors for the benefit of all of Alaska, including the local areas directly affected.

Thus the long continuing need for Ketchikan access to Gravina and Pennock will certainly be recognized by a clear present committment of funds for highway construction on Gravina which will become the foundation for the future bridge crossing and that choice should be encouraged and not disparaged.

For the interim a new ferry addition will further ensure that the access problem is minimized while the construction of the connecting Gravina roads and highways will promote the development of the east shore of Gravina and the availability of that valuable and extensive resource for industrial and residential development.

Those who express distress at the prospect of a highway that does not immediately connect with a bridge should console themselves in knowing that the economic potential of our area is being recognized and further strengthened for the future. Let us so proceed with knowledge and an understanding of why these expenditures are necessary in the natural progress of development endeavors.

Pete Ellis
Ketchikan, AK

Received February 23, 2007 - Published February 25, 2006

About: "Ketchikan attorney and longtime resident of Ketchikan and Alaska with an interest in furthering the economic and cultural opportunities of all Alaskans and Southeastern Alaska in particular."




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