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Pro Family Choice
By Charlanne Heath


February 11, 2007
Sunday PM

While you're at it Carl, why don't you try to institute fines for parents that take their children to the beach. After all, exposure to the sun causes cancer. With the child obesity statistics, maybe someone should monitor parents who feed their children at McDonald's. How about soda pop and candy? Excessive amounts of this type of snack can cause diabetes. Allowing children to watch television or play video games can also cause children to adopt aggressive tendencies. And, let's not forget the parents who leave the car door open while they are filling it with gas. Gasoline fumes get into the car and the children could potentially be harmed by this. Maybe, you should try to institute fines for parents who allow their children to ride skateboards, bikes, scooters or motorcycles. Helmets don't always protect them from other injuries. How about premarital sex? That's an issue that most people are familiar with nowadays.

As far as you indicating that you are a member of the school board, I am not impressed. My kids have more homework than classwork! If you want to protect other people's children, start with their educational future, since you obviously think you're in a position to do so. While you're at it, teach them that it is wrong to sneak into a public facility and use the services without paying. What a great example that particular school board member is setting!!

I would suggest that you raise your own child and let other parents raise theirs. I personally am sick and tired of other people deciding what is best for my children. They're my children not yours. Mind your own business.

I didn't write this letter nearly as eloquently as Dinah Pearson did, mainly because I was so angry when I read your know-it-all letter. However Dinah, you go girl!

Charlanne Heath
Ketchikan, AK

Received February 09, 2007 - Published February 11, 2006

About: "Mother of four boys who have also been exposed to UV rays, trans fat, second hand smoke and way too may government regulations."

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