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Second Hand Smoke in Cars
By Rob Holston


February 08, 2007

This letter is condensed from "Vehicular Homicide", a column published in SitNews on Nov. 21, 2006.

It is time to enact a law that prohibits smoking in any vehicle where children are present.

Red-necked smokers will clamor to their soap boxes, expounding upon their rights to smoke in their own vehicles but I pray lawmakers decide in favor of our children. Violators of this statute should pay a fine, equal to the amount they probably spend on their precious smokes each year. That would be, in round figures about $2,000. A smoking couple could spend $80,000 over the course of 20 years raising a couple of kids. That's the second way that smokers victimize their children, by depleting the family budget for their own nicotine-enhanced pleasures.

If you remain unconvinced, please "google" SECOND HAND SMOKE and print several reports on how second hand smoke effects children.

Recently, Alaska Attorney General, David Marquez was part of a formal plea to the motion picture industry to include non-smoking messages with their productions. Marquez thanked the Weinstein Company as the first company "....taking responsibility for protecting our children from the danges of smoking." I'm sure we can count on him and his office for supporting this legislation to protect Alaska's children from the scourge of second hand smoke in vehicles.

Any child in a vehicle, windows up or down, is a victim to second hand smoke when there is a smoker in the vehicle and this form of child abuse needs to be stopped. It is time that this state step up to the plate and pass the legislation necessary to protect our state's children from the harm of second hand vehicular smoke. It is the state's responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Children in these circumstances need help and they need it now. Please support legislation to combat second hand vehicular smoke effecting children.

Rob Holston
Ketchikan, AK

Received February 08, 2007 - Published February 08, 2006

About: Retired school teacher, owner of a non-smoking business & a freelance writer of a health column published on SitNews.

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