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Trashing of Alaska
By Anita Hales


February 05, 2007

I read Mr. Cegelski's letter concerning the dumping of trash all over the island.

I was formerly a tour guide and took people to Harriet Hunt Lake for excursions. On a number of occasions I was told by European tourists that they were surprised at the amount of trash seen along the roads. One German tourist said you never saw things like that in Germany.

I was in Ireland last year and it was pristine. We didn't see garbage, old cars, or other refuse anywhere along the highways nor in the cities. Even the alleyways were clean. There weren't a lot of trash cans available but people just didn't litter. I think Americans can sometimes act like pigs where litter is concerned.

On one occasion I saw an out of state car throw an empty case of beverage into the bushes near Ketchikan Creek. I followed them to the post office and gave them back their trash. They denied throwing it out. But there was no way it wasn't them. I had their license number.

But it's more of a problem with locals trashing our own back yard. It's one thing to have a messy yard that YOU own. It's entirely another to bring your trash to shared places.

Anita Hales
Ketchikan, AK

Received February 02, 2007 - Published February 05, 2006

About: "Alaska resident of many years."


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