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Litter and the Slobs
By Jerry Cegelske


February 01, 2007
Thursday PM

Litter and the Slobs that dump it are very interesting. I can never figure out their reasoning that you would enjoy seeing their trash scattered over the landscape rather than have it taken to the landfill as it should be. How is it that they figure you can afford to pay to have someone collect it and take it to the landfill more than they can? They have already loaded it up into their truck or car, why do they choose to take it eight miles out of the way when the landfill is closer?

jpg litter

Two bags of trash dumped in the airport 14 day lot

The first picture shows two bags of trash dumped at the airport 14 day lot. When the individual was contacted they stated that they were at the airport and cleaning out their car before the wife got back and he forgot to put the bags back in the car! As you can see, I found them deposited in front of a vehicle where they were difficult to find by someone passing by. Why would you wait for someone in the 14 day parking lot when they were to arrive in a short time? Of course there is a trash can there for airport ferry users. If they were really interested in cleaning up their vehicle they could have used a car wash and placed their trash in the trash cans there. We have even gotten some complaints about the car wash not keeping their trash covered, but they are within the city limits and not subject to Borough Codes on trash.

jpg freezer

Freezer and refrigerator dumped at mile 17.5 N. Tongass

Your highway funds will be used to send several people out in the State truck to pick up the freezer and refrigerator. Some dedicated volunteer will have to collect the plastic pipe.

Your highway funds will be used to pick up the building materials on the road to Lake Harriet Hunt and volunteers will have to clean up the burn pile so you don't drive over the nails and other trash.

Along with the eagles, you can look at the beer cans perched in the trees, Alaskan wildlife at its best. Some young person should be able to get a tourist related job showing the tourists what they came here to see- trash in trees. You can't see that just anywhere!

jpg Bear hide

Bear hide dumped at the end of the road, N.Tongass

Talk about marketing, instead of eagle in a can or bear in a can as I have seen in some of the gift shops, we have bear hide in a box at the end of the road. The residents of Ketchikan are certainly inventive in the methods they take to dump their trash.

Jerry Cegelske
Ketchikan, AK

Received January 31, 2007 - Published February 01, 2006

About: Jerry Cegelske is a Code Enforcement Officer with the Ketchikan Gateway Borough.


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Sewer pipe dumped at the end of the road, N. Tongass

Sections from a demolished structure formerly attached to a
house, dumped on road to Lake Harriett Hunt.

The obligatory pile of burned pallet and trash, road to LHH

Litter dumped on road to LHH

#30 Beer cans placed in the trees next to the burned pallets and demolished structure.


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