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Keep school doors open
By Charles Edwardson


February 27, 2006
Monday PM

I never have written letters to the editor or SitNews until a few weeks ago. I was surprised at how many people actually responded to "my response" to a very well written piece by Mrs Linda Auger.

About KAYHI, I do not know if this current administration is actually as out of touch as they seem or if they do these types of things (like kicking our students out of our building as soon as they can) to try to remind us that they can do theses types of things and prove that they can, OR is there really any thought put into these actions?

Security reasons (COME ON). Proerty concerns (PLEASE). Ketchikan is not LOS ANGELES OR NEW YORK and you guys up there at Kayhi are not that overworked that you need to lighten the load. The school should be accesable to students for as long as possible for as many funtions as possible.

And as far as complaint forms go, anyone interested in these forms make sure and ask about return contact information and a timeline for a response. Usually complaints in a public forum are emotional responses to current problems and do not usually carry over for more than a few days. Government and corporate administrations know this pattern of human behavior and count on it. Emotional responses to the most current community crises usually will fade away given enough time. That is why there is a fourteen day grace period for the school board and the superintendent to respond to complaints. Also on the complaint form there is no place for contact information so they cannot contact you with a response anyway even if they wanted to.

So as before, I fully support the school and more community involvement in the school and its funtions. But this current administration and their actions seem to be trying to do just the opposite of including the community in any way. If you at KAYHI ADMINISTRATION want to be all alone in the halls and do as little as possible to build community support and involvement, you are well on your way to doing a good job.

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Charles Edwardson is a life long Ketchikan resident . He writes he's "still confused on what this administration is doing to strengthen school identity and improve the system".

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