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By Charlotte Tanner


February 17, 2006
Friday PM

Oh Patrick, I agree with you wholeheartedly, it is distressing to encounter those people whose heads appear to be buried in sand, all the while professing to be "dreamers" and "visionaries". But I must admit, today as I was walking to Perseverance Lake, I did a little "dreaming" about Gravina. How does this suit you?

We should change the name of Gravina to Nowhere, thus the Bridge to Nowhere would be more than suitably named. Next we should have a Theme Park constructed on Nowhere, thus the Bridge to Nowhere would get us somewhere without having to spend hundreds of dollars on airfare. Perhaps the theme of the Theme Park could be GreaseMyPalm, ContractToBuddyLand, or CorruptionVille, something of that ilk anyway. (Although Mr. Steve Seley may object to all this, he appears to have his own plans for the island.)

In any event you have a great sense of humor, however I fail to see how throwing millions of dollars into this bridge is an optimistic investment, especially when Ketchikan's very drinking water is not even fit to drink. Indeed I would submit that the position your head occupies is far more advanced than mine.

Charlotte Tanner
Ward Cove, AK - USA

About: Charlotte Tanner came to Ketchikan in 1968 on the M/V Wickersham,. She lived in Petersburg for 16 years, and returned to Ketchikan in 1994. She has raised two children who are now in college, and are members of KIC. Tanner is an artist, she has two dogs, and she is a gardener.


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