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Head in the clouds...
By Patrick Branco


February 16, 2006

Oh Charlotte, it is sad to encounter those whose heads are buried in the sand. Those of us with our heads in the clouds have been dreamers and explorers and achievers. You must know there are a million reasons not to take any action on any subject because there is always a risk.

But since you attacked the dream aspect of my note and ignored the content then I would like to thank you for making my point in spades. Close your eyes and dream that the bridge can take you to DISNEYLAND because that is precisely what it does. It serves a gateway to travel.

As to your other point, I fail to see how the bridge fattens the wallets of State politicians. If it is a reference to Don Huff's tired argument that the Governor owns property on Gravina anyone with a modicum of intelligence understand that State Governors do not introduce legislation in Congress. Besides an increase in property value only fattens a wallet when the property is sold. In the meantime, it is subject to property taxes. Perhaps my head in the clouds fails to allow me to see the direct cash benefit. I suppose I could try looking at the world from your perspective but I don't think I can get my head into that position.

Given the choice of living with my head in the clouds and being an optimist versus viewing the world with grains of sand in my eyes and wailing about the sad condition of the world, I choose mine and leave you to yours.

Patrick Branco
Ketchikan, AK - uSA

About: Patrick Branco arrived in Kodiak in 1974, spent a career in the Coast Guard and the Navy and returned to Ketchikan in 2002.


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