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By Charlotte Tanner


February 14, 2006

Patrick Branco says "Have some vision and let yourself dream." about these proposed ridiculous bridges.

Okay, I'll close my eyes and let myself dream that the bridge to Gravina will connect me to Vancouver, or even Seattle, or, as long as we're dreaming, why not DISNEYLAND, by golly.

Thinking the horrible waste of money it would be to build these RIDICULOUS bridges would accomplish anything more than to fatten the wallets of our state politicians and their friends is exactly that, dreaming. So dream on Mr. Branco.

I hope other people have their heads out of the clouds.

Charlotte Tanner
Ward Cove, AK - USA

About: Charlotte Tanner came to Ketchikan in 1968 on the M/V Wickersham,. She lived in Petersburg for 16 years, and returned to Ketchikan in 1994. She has raised two children who are now in college, and are members of KIC. Tanner is an artist, she has two dogs, and she is a gardener.


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