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Best reason to start buckling up
By John Maki


February 14, 2006

I have never condoned "federalization of local law enforcement through grants." Mr. Jones' inference that I agree with that tactic is a stretch. I understand that Ketchikan and the troopers have participated in the nation-wide campaign called "Click-it, Ticket," but that was before I came to Ketchikan. Like other laws that I may or may not agree with but have sworn to uphold, the representatives sent from Alaska to Washington were part of the process that passed the laws that tied Federal Highway dollars to seatbelt compliance and to lowering the DUI per se to .08 bac. This is called taxation with representation.

Of course, seatbelt usage is not THE reason for increased health care and insurance costs but considering 85% the cost of an auto crash is borne by society (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), and not individuals it is but one factor that cannot be ignored. (A good history on seatbelts, legislation and statistics on seatbelt use can be found at Many of us have health insurance so why not do things to try to keep premiums from rising?

KPD is not receiving grant funds to check for seatbelt compliance and looking for these violators will go into the mix of things officers are paid to do. Warnings are appropriate after the law becomes enforceable. (...and KPD officers do not have any quota system for traffic laws enforcement.)

Probably the best reason to start buckling up is not that you might get a $15 ticket but Jacob Martin's letter in Sitnews of February 6th.

John Maki
E-mail: johnm[at]
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: John Maki is Deputy Chief of Police - Ketchikan. He has 32 years experience in law enforcement. He was a Law Enforcement Academy Director for 5 years where he taught Statutory Law, Law Enforcement Ethics and other subjects.


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