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What is the cost to our freedom?
By Jay Jones


February 13, 2006

In Mr. Maki's letter of Feb. 11th are several unanswered questions. The statistics he cites mentions nothing about seatbelt use. Why doesn't he advocate mandatory helmet laws for auto drivers? One could easily make the case with the figures he provides. Just what exactly is the relationship between rising healthcare costs and seatbelt non-usage? He would have us believe that seatbelt non-usage is the single reason for skyrocketing costs. I have health coverage. Should I be exempt from this law based on your arguments? Why don't healthcare insurers require seatbelt usage by their customers?

What really concerns me is why Mr. Maki would endorse federalization of local law enforcement through grants. Using OUR money to bribe/blackmail state politicians/ local law enforcement smacks of taxation without representation. How much money does his department stand to gain from grant money and increased revenue from fines?

Mr. Maki talks of costs but only some costs. What are the costs to the community to have local law enforcement spending time pulling over an increased number of motorists. What are the costs to taxpayers who pay the federal largesse to the states that comply?

What is the cost to our freedom?

Jay Jones
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Jay Jones is a resident of Ketchikan and states he has been a licensed driver for over 30 years.


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