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Regarding Democrat's Behavior during State of the Union Address
By Doug Barry


February 03, 2006

Theresa Cullen's comments are a little over the top in her attempt to vilify those Democrats who chose to express themselves during Tuesday evening's State of the Union address. But I do respect her right to free speech.

I didn't perceive their behavior "outrageous" as she did. I believe the reason they cheered about the Social Security point was that President Bush's efforts on that issue over the last year were overruled by Congress in favor of coming up with a sounder, more thoughtful plan... albeit yet to be determined.

I also believe the Democrat side of the aisle was just trying to demonstrate a little levity. If Ms. Cullen were to review videotapes from past State of the Union addresses, I'm sure she'd find examples where Republicans cheered for their points of view or chose to remain seated instead of standing and applauding... that's a common response during these speeches and is no less or more disrespectful.

In her opening sentence, Cullen states " Thank goodness that our own Alaska Democrats, people like Don Young..." Unless, something's changed, I think the Congressman is still a Republican.

It was also interesting that she did not mention Senator Ted Stevens, who, in my view, has become an embarrassment to the State of Alaska with the tantrums, tirades and vengeful approach he's displayed in recent months. That's what happens when power goes to your head. Being passionate about a position is one thing; it's another to carry on like a hotheaded bully frustrated about not getting his way. What kind of role model is that?

Doug Barry
Sammamish, WA - USA


About: Doug Barry was born and raised in Ketchikan.



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