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Democrats at State of the Union Speech Acted Outrageously!
By Theresa Cullen


February 01, 2006

Thank goodness that our own Alaska Democrats, people like Don Young, Ethan Berkowitz and Johnny Ellis act more responsibly than the Eastcoast and California variety of Democrat politicians like the buffoonery we saw at the recent hearings for Judge Alito's to be on the Supreme Court.   The behavior of most Democrats last night at the State of the Union Speech was particularly terrible.  Hillary Clinton made faces and chewed gum through the President's constitutionally required presentation.  When the President talked about how no progress had been made towards resolving Social Security problems with all the Baby Boomers retiring soon, Democrats as a group cheered and acted like silly teenagers at a high school pep rally.  It was an embarrassment!  What were they so happy about?
We have two major political parties here in the United States and they do compete with each other but acting childish and rude should not be an option for a party that considers itself "major".  I have been more of an Independent voter myself but the more I see Democrats in action lately, the more I am pushed and pulled to be a Republican.  As a teacher I find it sad that these Democrats like Senators Kennedy and Clinton are role models for our children.
Theresa Cullen
Fairbanks, AK - USA


About: Theresa Cullen is a credentialed educator and long time Alaska resident who will be back in the elementary classroom as soon as her own children start school.



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