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by Sharon Fraley


February 28, 2005

Thanks Mike, for posting a picture of the newest clearcut that is coincidentally in a nonconspicuous place; out of sight out of mind?? How many others are there? I guess we're going to have to place a timer on that one section to see exactly how many years it takes before there is a 100% re-growth of trees, since some down here can't seem to see the many clear cut areas that were done years ago. I guess if people don't want to see things, it becomes invisible to them.

And Beth... I fight the same feelings when going around Ward Cove; and it is insanity. I'm not against responsible, selective cutting and logging!! Why can't that be the way it's done, as well as running them through a local mill? Keep the jobs and profits right here, instead of sending them off to another country??

One thing is for certain: like my friends from Australia said, tourists will not want to visit a place that has all of the trees chopped down. They can see that, anywhere else.

Sharon Fraley
Ward Cove, AK - USA

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