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New Capitol Building
by Robert Fruehan


February 28, 2005

None of the above was the majority answer to the "which design do you like better" question. I think a lot of people that live in this state and drive on highways that have car eating potholes in them would rather see money spent on fixing roads, or more importantly, education of our youth.

Why do we need a new capitol building? Would not a moderate remodel make more sense to a state that cannot balance a budget? A state that is constantly trying to find new ways to tax the people or to gain access to the permanent fund? Heck they are probably trying to find a way to use permanent fund money to finance this new building! There are much better ways to spend money than to consider building a new capitol building. And if it were to be moved, further north is not the answer, I would rather see it moved to any southeast community than to Anchorage. Come on Juneau let's spend our states money wisely, fix our roads, fund our schools!

Robert Fruehan
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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