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New Capitol Building
by Chris Schelb


February 27, 2005

It seems that we Alaskans are faced with mounting problems on a daily basis. Issues such as to build a road, or not to build; fast ferry, old ferry, or no ferry too; cut the trees, leave the trees, and on and on. Today I was glad to see that the majority of us have not lost our ability to recoginize good taste.

This moring I was cruising the web sites and gandered at the KINY radio site from Juneau. The question of the week has to do with the design of the new capitol building. "Which one of the New State Capitol designs do you favor?" The response was to my liking. Of the 351 who had ansered this question as of 6 A.M. Sunday, 13 liked the first three choices, 32 the fourth choice and 280 voted for none of the above.

My wondering takes me down the path in several directions. Do these results, if accurate, mean that the designs are in poor taste? (Most likely yes.) Was the original idea to block the construction of the building in the first place by selecting only "loser" designs? (Could be.) Or was it that the Artsy-Crafty crowd is trying to spend our money on what THEY KNOW IS BEST for the rest of us? (I do not know.)

It is my position that if we cannot afford to fix roads, pay for schools, run the ferries, and a whole host of other programs, where does this small group get off having the nerve to present such tasteless looking designs to the pulbic. If it was I doing the presenting, I would be ashamed to show my face after leaving the rest of us with such poor designs.

As Dennis Miller used to say when doing his skits on "The Rants," "It is just my opinion and I could be wrong, but . . ."

Chris Schelb
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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